Opportunities Academy began as classroom-based programs within Collegiate Academies schools.  Students between the ages of 18-22 focused on building functional skills to increase their independence and employability through working student jobs and practicing other life skills.

During the 2018-19 school year, Opportunities Academy consolidated all students at the G.W. Carver Campus and opened its doors to students from outside the network.  That year, enrollment went from 21 students on two different campuses, to over 50 from high schools (and home schools) across the city; and OA was awarded a charter of its own for the 19-20 school year.

As Opportunities Academy grew, it became apparent that the school would need its own space. OPSB approved the school's use of the Guste Facility in Central City, an ideal location for students to get to an expanded number of off-campus externship experiences. We've also been able to serve more students - and add additional classroom sections and on-campus work experiences that best target students' abilities.